House Rules

Summary of House Rules

As a resident of Sober House, Inc, resident must understand and agree to the following:

  • I will not possess any drugs, alcohol, or mood-altering substances. This includes 'non-alcoholic' beer or wine. Mouthwash or medications with alcohol are not allowed. Only over-the-counter medication that is on the "Safe List" may be used.

  • Residents must turn in all medications to staff upon intake, and each time prescriptions are filled/refilled. The sharing of medicines with other residents is not allowed. All medication must be taken as prescribed by the doctor.

  • Resident will agree to take random drug/alcohol tests when requested by SHI staff. Refusal or failure to take the test immediately, or a positive test, will result in immediate dismissal from Sober House, Inc with a recommendation for a higher level of care.

  • Resident will be on time for meetings.

  • Cell phones are prohibited during any meetings.

  • Resident agrees to have a sponsor and home group within two weeks of admission at Sober House, Inc. Sponsor contact information will be provided to staff. Residents are expected to have daily contact with a sponsor and weekly meetings for working the 12-Steps with Sponsor.

  • Recovery will be my #1 priority above all else. 

  • Resident understands that violence, or threats of violence, emotional or physical, will not be tolerated and are grounds for immediate dismissal.

  • Resident will not bring weapons into the community - including stored in a vehicle.

  • Sober House, Inc staff reserves the right to search personal property.

  • Resident agrees to let someone in my community and/or staff to know where they are always. Resident will sign IN/OUT on the SH Sign-In/Out Logbook.

  • Resident will ensure to maintain daily personal hygiene in the bathroom only.

  • Resident will ensure they are properly clothed (no bare feet, no socks, no exposed/droopy boxers, no naked chests, and no inappropriate slogans on clothes etc.). Resident will be fully dressed in common areas at all times.

  • Resident will be responsible for chores, housekeeping duties and will do their fair share, including additional seasonal tasks, upgrades to the home, completing an extra chore if a fellow resident is on an overnight pass or sick.

  • Resident understands that their bedroom is to be clean, and the bed made daily before 0800 hours inspection.

  • Resident understands that smoking/chewing/vaping is authorized in the outside patio area ONLY.

  • Overnight Pass Request forms must be filled out entirely and APPROVED in writing before a pass transpires.

  • To protect the hardwood floors and maintain a healthy environment, only indoor shoes, slippers, and flip flops can be worn indoors. Footwear is swapped in the shoe room.

  •  ALL food, drinks, candy, candy wrappers, coffee, sugar, cookies, chips, soda, etc. allowed in common areas only. Only WATER is authorized in bedrooms. 

  • Residents will not gamble in any form to include scratch tickets, poker games, Fantasy Football.

Rooms & Rates

Sober House, Inc for men has 20 beds with single, double, and triple options. Each room includes linens, closets, shelves and/or bureau combinations, and free a/c. The house contains 4.5 bathrooms, 4 community rooms 2 dining rooms, a sun-room/shoe room, and a fully equipped kitchen with an awesome 3 door refrigerator! Linens, shampoo/soap/conditioner/nail filer/slippers/flip flops are given to new residents. Off-street parking is available.

First week rent, and last week rent is required at intake.

Lincoln's House
Lincoln's House

Rooms Rates

  • Single - $225/week

  • Double - $200/week

  • Triple - $175/week